Access to affordable health care is one of the single most prominent factors threatening the economic security of women and their families. The high cost of care, access to affordable health insurance, and potential income loss or possibility of overwhelming debt due to illness or injury all diminish women’s financial stability.

  • Texas ranks 50th in the United States for health insurance coverage with, 23 percent of women 19 to 64 years old who are uninsured, effectively leaving them out of the health care system and putting their family’s economic security at risk.
  • Even with health insurance, 38 percent of Texas women lack paid sick days; and working mothers are more likely than working fathers to stay home with a sick child, which can reduce income.

Texas women must have the freedom and means to access screenings, contraception, preventive well woman care, and prenatal care — when that access is impaired, their physical and mental health becomes at risk for decline, as does their economic security. That’s why reproductive health is part of our overall
health care funding initiatives; it’s also taken into consideration in our broader focus on economic security, along with the equally important focus areas of housing, education and child care.

Your gift to the Health Care Access Fund supports Texas women have the freedom and access to reproductive health care options.

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Providing Essential Health Care

The Health Care Access Fund provides essential funding to support community clinics, specialized programs and health services that serve low-income women and girls – protecting families from financial hardship or catastrophe due to medical costs. The Fund makes quality health care available to address the health care needs of women, including everything from annual exams and mammograms to prenatal care, mental health services and more.

In addition to enhancing community health by making immediate and critical relief available to underserved and uninsured women and their families, these collaborative solutions also relieve or reduce the burden on government and communities to fund these services.

  • Since its start in 2017, Texas Women’s Foundation has disbursed more than $1 million in funds to provide health care serves for women and girls.

Your gift to the Health Care Access Fund is an investment in the health of women, their families and our communities.