The Village Giving Circle at Texas Women's Foundation

About Us

Organized in 2017, the mission of The Village Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation is to honor, sustain and expand the legacy of African American women’s philanthropy by funding organizations and initiatives that positively impact the African-American community in North Texas. The Village was borne out of a desire to harness the collective giving power and influence of African-American women philanthropists, and in recognition of the need to provide opportunities for like-minded African American women to form connections that enhance their civic leadership activities.

Members focus their collective resources on local community organizations that are led by African Americans and/or serve the needs of African-American communities throughout North Texas. In addition to providing financial support to selected organizations, The Village membership seeks to elevate awareness of issues, initiatives, and efforts that affect or support African-Americans living and working in North Texas.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

The Founding Officers are:

A. Shonn Brown, Chair
Lisa Montgomery, Co-Chair
Cheryl Alston
Christa Brown-Sanford
Annika Cail
Vera Ingram
Diane Reeves
Frances Cudjoe-Waters
Shawn Wills

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb


Joining or contributing to The Village at Texas Women’s Foundation affords members the opportunity to support and further a legacy of African-American women’s philanthropy that sets an empowering example for other community members and for future generations of African-American leaders. Rather than making “one-off” individual gifts to community organizations, The Village Giving Circle empowers its members to combine their resources and award large, high-impact, strategically-selected grants to organizations and initiatives benefiting African-Americans.

To learn more about joining The Village, please email

Founding Officers

A. Shonn Brown, Co-chair
Lisa Montgomery, Co-chair
Cheryl Alston
Annika Cail
Frances Cudjoe-Waters
Vera Ingram
Diane Reeves
Christa Brown Sanford
Shawn Wills


(listing as of June 15, 2020)

Tammi Abney
Cheryl Alston
Debbi Alves
Kristyn Ampofo
Terri Anderson-Williams
April Audain
Cheryl Carter Benson
Vicki D. Blanton
Myrtle Bowles-Scott
Jarie Bradley
DeShaun Brown
Shonn Brown
Veree Hawkins Brown
Tara Buckner
Annika Cail
Candace Campbell
Andrea Carter
Erica Cary
Cherrise Cederqvist
Shari Crittendon
Katherine Crooms
Frances Cudjoe-Waters
Tanya Downing
Janiece Evans-Page
Arlene Ford
Renee Gadson
Lisa Gardner
Gwen George
Tangee Gibson
Sharon Gilmore
Jill Lacy Green
Carol Greene
Katherine Haskel
Kesha Harris Henderson
Aliah Henry
Rita Parson Hightower
Vera Ingram
Donna James-Harvey
Debra Hunter Johnson
Deandra Jones
Fallyn Jones
Patrice Key-Rhone
Ena Williams Koschel
Marachel Knight
Sharon Lakes
Anna Lamikanra
Whitney Fogle Lewis
Jill Louis
Sara Madsen Miller
Monica McCray

Sonja McGill
Leticia McGowan
Marlo Melucci
Lisa Montgomery
Adrienne Mosley
Tracey Nash-Huntley
Kristi Nelson
Pamela Osborne
Anita Paxton
Sonya Pegues
Abi Perpall
Gayle Placide
Natalie Plumlee
Tracy Preston
Mandy Price
Marsha Price
Monica McCoy Purdy
Diane H. Reeves
Carolyn Ross Riley
Angela Berry Roberson
Michelle Rock
Sha’ Roehm
Sandra Phillips Rogers
Angela M. Ross
Renee Sample
Christa Brown Sanford
Elisha Scott
Latricia Shepard
Julia A. Simon
Brook Sims
DeEdra Smiter
Carmen Smith
Renita Garrett Smith
Kimberly Smith
Angela Spencer
Alishia Spriggins
Tongula Steddum
Kezia Stegemoeller
Kristi Stepteau
Amy M. Stewart
Margo McClinton Stoglin
Neisha Strambler-Butler
Gail Warrior Suchy
Sheri Crosby Wheeler
Wendy Wilkerson
Christy Williams
Donza Rogers Williams
Tina P. Williams
Shawn Wills
Pamela Wills-Ward
Shannon Kelly Woods
Libby Wright


The Village seeks funding proposals from organizations or programs serving the African-American community in Dallas, Denton, Collin or Tarrant County. The Village also considers proposals from organizations or programs led by an African-American. Organizations may apply to The Village Giving Circle by invite-only.

The Village Grants History