H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women's Foundation

About H100 Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation

The H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation was established in 2019 by the Hispanic 100 Network to further engage Latina women in philanthropy, and to expand resources for local organizations whose mission is to empower, educate and support Latinas and our community. The H100 Latina Giving Circle is a part of The Hispanic 100 network that was founded in 1996. The Hispanic 100 is an organization of trailblazing Latina leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area whose contributions have shaped, influenced and transformed how Latinas are viewed in business, education, arts, health, politics and community leadership. The Hispanic 100 is a highly diverse network of Latinas with a 20-year history whose value proposition as a collective group is the strength of their experiences, their reach and their capacity to influence change.


Donors of the H100 Latina Giving Circle is open to anyone who has a desire to join a legacy of philanthropy that creates positive change by investing in the lives of Latina women and girls. Donors of the H100 Latina Giving Circle have the opportunity to give, connect and participate in the grant making process with a range of opportunities to review, vet and vote on a selection of grantees.

H100 Latina Giving Circle Grant Is Now Available

Complete Grant Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on July 13, 2021

H100 Latina Giving Circle is seeking to fund proposals for the 2021 giving cycle from DFW area based non-profit organizations located in Dallas, Collin and Tarrant counties, that empower Hispanic women and girls to achieve their potential but also support the underserved Hispanic community of DFW area in general.

H100 grant making is limited to $10,000 per nonprofit per year.

The H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation requires program alignment with the Foundation’s core values.

We value:
• Integrity
• Inclusivity
• Intentionality

Applications will only be accepted through the online grant system.

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Grant Cycle Timeline

  • Online application available:  June 10, 2021 at 9am CST
  • Deadline to request a login account:  July 12, 2021 at noon
  • Application deadline for 2021:  July 13, 2021 at 5pm CST
  • Notification of virtual meeting/ or elimination from consideration:  July 30, 2021
  • Virtual Meeting period:  August 3-13, 2021
  • Final notification of grant status:  November 11, 2021

H100 Grants History

Questions concerning the guidelines or online application and grants portal should be directed to: Shonda Barnett at sbarnett@txwf.org.

To learn more about the H100 Latina Giving Circle please email H100latinagc@txwf.org.

H100 Giving Circle Committee Members

Cristina Zertuche Wong, Co-chair
Bridget Moreno Lopez, Co-chair
Delia Jasso, Grants Chair
Rebecca Acuna
Diana Aguirre
Michele Bobadilla
Patricia Rodriguez Christian
Veronica Torres Hazley
Aracely Munoz
Silvana Rosero, H100 Network Board President
Erma Saracho
Suzanne Cruz Sewell
Linda Valdez Thompson
Dora Tovar
Mayra Oliveras Urueta