Texas Women’s Foundation is investing 100% in gendered impact funds.

The vision of Texas Women’s Foundation (the Foundation) is that all women and girls will possess the dignity, skills and resources to be strong, independent, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community. The mission of the Foundation is to strengthen the entire community by increasing the investment in women and girls and empowering women’s philanthropy. The core values of the Foundation include gender equity, empowerment of women, diversity, inclusion, honesty and integrity.

The work of the Foundation includes leveraging external capital in order to combine resources and form collaborations to bring about meaningful social change to improve the lives of women and girls and to benefit communities. The Foundation believes driving sustainable social and economic impact is key to ensuring a better world for women and girls.

The Foundation has embarked on an effort to achieve greater alignment of its investments with its philanthropic mission while maintaining the overall goal of achieving a market-rate return. The financial assets under our control will reflect an impact investing program that addresses this mission through a broad range of impact thematics including, but not limited to, affordable housing, health services, economic development and education and other themes that build stronger communities and have positive social impacts.

Moving Money for Impact: A Guide to Gender Lens Investing

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“Invest in a woman and change the world.”
– Educating on Impact Investing