Texas Women’s Foundation promotes women’s philanthropy and raises money to support community programs that help women and girls realize their full potential. We proudly partner with grantees in Dallas, Collin, Denton and Tarrant Counties to provide responsive, community-based programming that advances economic and leadership opportunities for women, girls and families to build stronger, more equitable communities for all. Our approach fosters collaborative, long-term relationships with our donors and grantees to support best-practice grantmaking models that amplify every dollar donated and invested. We look full circle at the many issues impacting women’s economic security and opportunities for leadership – so that our programs and grantmaking support the full diversity of women and their needs in the region.


We are processing applications for our 2023 Community Grant Cycle.

Applications due February 28th, 2023 at 12 PM CST

Please see below for our timeline:

What We Fund

For the Community Grant Cycle 2023, Texas Women’s Foundation is focused on the mid-term and long-term needs of women and girls in North Texas, particularly those facing multiple systems of oppression and disenfranchisement.

Texas Women’s Foundation will consider proposals for capacity building support, general operating support and program/project support for organizations serving women, girls and their families in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and the immediate surrounding counties.

Capacity building grants provide funds for the improvement of an organization’s effectiveness in its services to benefit women and girls.  General operating grants provide flexible funding for the overall operations of the nonprofit.  Capacity building grants and operating grants require that at least 75% of the organization’s primary service beneficiaries are women or girls.

Program/Project grants provide funds for a specific new or existing program in which at least 75% of the program’s primary service beneficiaries are women or girls.

Texas Women’s Foundation Community Grants are broad based and effect important issues that improve the quality of life and give voice to issues affecting women and girls, as well as cultivates leaders.  Our granting addresses such issues as:

  • support for economic security needs,
  • workforce development,
  • child care and adult care services and caregiver support,
  • transitional housing
  • basic skills & English as a Second Language (ESL),
  • education support services (not individual scholarships),
  • access to health care including women’s health, general physical health, mental health, behavioral health, and dental health,
  • prevention, intervention programs for girls,
  • services for survivors of gender-based violence and prevention of gender-based violence,
  • access to legal services,
  • engagement and community organizing work for and by women and girls related to economic, social, and racial justice.

Funding Priorities

Proposals that clearly articulate and demonstrate that women and girls who are recipients of the organization’s services are thriving.

Proposals that demonstrate the organization’s history of working locally on behalf of and in partnership with historically marginalized women and girls to eliminate persistent cultural, economic and racial barriers and inequities.  This includes:

  • organizations with a history of working directly in and with disenfranchised neighborhoods and communities,
  • organizations that are culturally responsive, are multilingual, have staff at all levels who possess specific skills, expertise and background to effectively address the needs of the women and girls served,
  • organizations with a commitment to addressing the unique needs at the intersection of gender and race,
  • organizations that reflect the Foundation’s values and core competencies of integrity, intentionality, and inclusivity, and have demonstrated support for all women and girls inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Proposals that address operational effectiveness with the intention of strengthening an organization’s ability to sustain their mission to support positive outcomes for women and girls including implementing creative strategies, operating with nimbleness and resilience and supporting staff recruitment and retention.

Proposals that promote innovative collaboration, community engagement, or movement building to create systemic change that break down barriers that result in positive outcomes for women and girls

Who Can Apply

Eligible nonprofits must:

  • have a current 501(c)(3) status,
  • demonstrate a three-year operating history,
  • serve Dallas, Collin, Denton and Tarrant Counties, and the immediate surrounding North Texas area,
  • agree to provide a final report on the use of funds and the impact on girls, women, and their families including number served and race/ethnic breakdown,
  • have operations that are consistent with the Texas Women’s Foundation mission, vision, values, and core competencies of integrity, intentionality, and inclusivity, and have demonstrated support for all women and girls inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. (Visit the TXWF Website),
  • demonstrate that at least 75% of the clients benefitting from grant funding are women and/or girls inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expressions,
  • organizations that have been funded through the Community Grant Cycle for five consecutive years must sit out for one year before submitting a new proposal.

In addition, nonprofits seeking to be considered for funding from the Mrs. H.L. (Ruth Ray) Hunt Memorial Fund must be faith-related or have a current or historical tie to a faith or religious entity and disclose that tie in the appropriate section of the online application.

2023 Community Grant Guidelines

2023 Glossary of Terms

Grantee Partners

Greater Texas

Statewide Initiatives

Texas Women’s Foundation will be additive, not competitive, with an expansion strategy that will move across the state in our spheres of expertise:

Research is our starting point, which has been statewide in focus and distribution for over a decade. Just as we have done in various cities across the state since 2014, we will now expand further into new cities and regions through convening partners, donors and friends to present the research and issues, and recruit allies and advocates.
Investing in solutions that are both proven in the North Texas region and portable to other communities will be our next step, expanding signature programs including:
The Women’s Leadership Institute for executive women in corporations and businesses.
The Young Women’s Initiative that centers and empowers young women of color, ages 17-24, in the most under-resourced neighborhoods to lead in their lives and in their communities.
#BestSelf, a one-day intensive leadership development program for girls ages 11-16 that challenges stereotypes and helps girls be confident in the pursuit of their dreams.
Ultimately, we will be mobilizing capital for greater investment in Texas Women’s Foundation and the movement to Transform Texas for Women and Girls.

It is crucial work, and one of our most meaningful contributions is educating and advocating on key issues to stimulate greater social and economic change, as well as highlighting and supporting innovative programs and solutions in local communities.

As a trusted knowledge resource for advocates, policy-makers, civic leaders, donors and organizations, the conclusive information we bring to the forefront plays a key role in the public conversation and decision-making to:

Frame a vision of an equitable society where women and girls are full participants.
Keep a sharp focus on statewide initiatives to affect policy advancements.

Learn More About Economic Issues Facing Women in Texas

Economic Issues for Women in Texas, published by Texas Women’s Foundation, looks at state-level policies and practices and identifies opportunities for innovation and investment in solutions that improve economic and social equity for women and girls in Texas.

Engagement by Metro Area


Texas Women’s Foundation (formerly Dallas Women’s Foundation) has a 33-year history of leadership in advancing women and their families.

Our expertise in best-practice grantmaking models has been replicated around Texas and across the country. We serve as a knowledge resource and collaborative partner for donors, grantees, community leaders and philanthropic organizations. And we work together to amplify every dollar donated and invested to improve economic security and increase leadership opportunities for women and girls wherever they live in Texas.

Texas Women’s Foundation adheres to an intentional, data-driven and evidence-based process in our decision-making. We support innovative solutions and programs that are bold, yet sensible and responsible, in addressing the needs of women, girls and families in their communities.

The impact of our work is far-reaching. For example:

We are helping to educate and empower nearly 5,000 young girls annually through the Young Women’s Preparatory Network in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio and Ysleta.
Texas Women’s Foundation provided financial support to add a gender lens to the statewide Texas Family Budget tool created and maintained by Center for Public Policy Priorities. For 27 regions across Texas, the Family Budget tool allows users to understand the cost of living for a family, types of jobs and wages available in those communities and the pressure points where advocacy and programs can make a real difference. Elected officials, agencies and individuals use the site to understand what it takes to move from surviving to thriving in Texas.
Texas Women’s Foundation provided initial seed funding and continues to support the Texas office of Alliance for Justice and their Bolder Advocacy project. Since 2015, the Texas office of Alliance for Justice has provided expertise and information to help nonprofits and foundations understand their advocacy rights under the law. Texas Women’s Foundation knows that philanthropy alone cannot meet the growing needs without engaging in local, state and national advocacy. A 2012 report from the National Center for Responsive Philanthropy showed that approximately one hundred nonprofit organizations across 13 states leveraged $231 million from their funders to create $26 billion in benefits for local communities and constituencies through their advocacy work. We provide workshops, webinars and free technical assistance, and publish legal guides, factsheets, and online resources. Over six months in 2018, we held more than 20 workshops in Texas and responded to over 30 requests for technical assistance from Texas organizations.


Driving Positive Change Across Texas

In order for all Texas women to become full participants in an equitable society, we need more lawmakers and decision-makers  – men and women – to help drive systemic policy change across the breadth of issues related to women’s economic security and leadership.

Texas Women’s Foundation (formerly Dallas Women’s Foundation) publishes groundbreaking statewide research on issues affecting women and girls, which provides decision-makers and lawmakers with critical data to inform policies, practices and programs in the state.

Through education and advocacy, we serve as a trusted source of information and a collective voice. Together we help ensure that women and girls are fully represented in the public dialogue, and get the essential resources and opportunities needed to build stronger families and a better Texas.


When you give to Texas Women’s Foundation, you are directly contributing to the economic stability and future of Texas.