Via: My Sweet Charity

By: Jeanne Prejean

Texas Women’s Foundation Board Chair Hilda Galvan has just announced that three new members have joined the organization’s board for three-year terms starting Friday, July 1.

Joining the board’s 41 members will be Connie Kleinert BabikianJana Etheridge and Cris Zertuche Wong.

Holding her position as chair until June 30, 2023, Hilda will head up the executive committee including Carrie Freeman ParsonsBonnie ClintonSara Garcia DuranDebra Hunter JohnsonCynt MarshallNeena NewberryLaura NietoMelissa OrthHolly ReedGowri SharmaRachel Vinson and TXWF President/CEO Miki Woodard.

According to Miki, “Under the thoughtful leadership of Hilda Galvan, our Executive Committee and our Board, we have an amazing group that helps us advance our mission of investing in women and girls to drive positive change. These new board members will add their experience and passion to help us even further, and we appreciate their service.”