Via: The Advocate Magazine


Award-winning actress, director and producer America Ferrera spoke with members of Texas Women’s Foundation (TXWF) at their annual luncheon.

The conversation was moderated by Laysha Ward, Executive Vice President and Chief External Engagement Officer for Target. As the principal fundraiser for TXWF, the luncheon raised more than $926,000.

Themed “Texas for All,” the luncheon brought more than 2,000 influential business and philanthropic leaders together. The theme was chosen to reinforce the need to build more inclusive and equitable communities.

Texas Women’s Foundation’s mission is to advance the lives of women, girls and their families in Texas. An additional 11,000 people followed the link to view the luncheon after the event.

Fierce female Roslyn Dawson Thompson is the president and CEO of Texas Women’s Foundation.

“This [theme] was beautifully stated in the conversation with America Ferrera and Laysha Ward, as well as in the statements given by our luncheon co-chairs who spoke to the power of equity and diversity, and how important they are to creating a Texas for All,” Thompson said in a press release.

Ferrera’s comments focused on these themes:

  1. The need within all people, of all races and backgrounds, to be seen.
  2. Each person’s unique identity is their superpower, not an obstacle.
  3. In order to reach understanding, we need to get comfortable with uncomfortable situations.
  4. Sisterhood and community give us both strength and support.
  5. Talent is universal, but opportunity is not.