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What does America look like?

“Latina, short, chubby, not the picture of perfection” – that’s how the actress known for her title role in Ugly Betty described herself in a 2018 cover story on

“I am who I am,” America Ferrera told the online fashion retailer. “I don’t fit in traditional boxes for women on screen. When I became an actress, my mere presence was a revolution because I wasn’t supposed to exist in this industry.”

From her breakout roles in the 2002 movie Real Women Have Curves and television comedy Ugly Betty, the daughter of Honduran immigrants has gone on to star and produce the NBC comedy Superstore, edit and contribute to her book American Like Me, and speak out at such events as the 2016 Democratic Convention and the Women’s March in 2017.

Soon Ferrera will serve as the keynote speaker for the Texas Women’s Foundation’s annual “luncheon,” which will be held virtually this year at lunchtime on Sept. 29.

Foundation president and CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson announced this year’s theme: Texas For All.

“We are thrilled to assemble this ‘dream team’ – our keynote speaker, America Ferrera, who is passionate about strength in diversity and the importance of creating opportunities for everyone to participate fully in our society and economy, and our co-chairs, Bonnie Clinton and Cynt Marshall, who share the same passion and make it a reality through their exemplary leadership,” Dawson Thompson said.

“For 35 years, we’ve empowered Texas women and girls to build strong and inclusive communities, and that work is more important today than ever before.”

– Dawson Thompson