Via: Preston Hollow People

By: Jaxx Artz

Texas Women’s Foundation has launched “Count Her In,” a social media campaign to celebrate the 100th-anniversary giving women the right to vote.

The campaign will run for 62 weeks, from June 28, which marks the day that Texas ratified the 19th Amendment in 1919, to Aug.26, 2020, which is celebrated as Women’s Equality Day. It will feature stories of the women and men who were leads in the voters’ rights movement, to educate and activate people to encourage voting participation.

“With our goal to transform Texas for women and girls, Texas Women’s Foundation believes that can only take place when women are full participants, and a critical way to achieve that is by motivating more women to exercise their right to vote,” said Roslyn Dawson Thompson, Texas Women’s Foundation president and CEO. “This project can be a catalyst for women across the state to understand their rights and use them.”

Examples of the trailblazers highlighted in the campaign include Christia V. Daniels Adair, a Houston activist who worked for the Houston NAACP during the landmark Smith v. Allwright case, which ended whites-only primary elections in the South; William P. Hobby, a key political ally in the Texas suffrage movement who was Texas governor when the state ratified the 19th Amendment; and Nonie B. Mahoney, who collected 10,000 signatures from residents to secure a “yes” vote from a Dallas legislator on a bill allowing women to vote in the Texas primary.

The “Count Her In” campaign aims to influence 300,000 Texas women citizens to register to vote, seeking to increase by the number of Texas women who are registered. There will be a link to register to vote on each campaign social media post and the campaign’s web page.

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