Via: Park Cities News
By: Bianca Montes
Dallas Women’s Foundation announced that in 2017 it awarded a record $4,544,515 through 198 grants to 144 organizations benefiting women and girls.
The grants included those in the Foundation’s strategic initiative areas – Economic Security, Child Care, Health Care, and Leadership – as well as its annual community grants. The grants underscore the Foundation’s commitment to strengthening economic security and leadership opportunities for women and girls in the region.
“We are very excited to have reached a new record of $4.5 million in grants that address the unique issues and challenges women and girls face in our community and region,” said Roslyn Dawson Thompson, Foundation president, and CEO. “Our strategic investments in women’s economic security and leadership, along with our community grants, are strengthening not only individuals but the very fabric that holds our community together.”

Dallas Women’s Foundation is the largest regional women’s fund in the world. 

The Foundation was built on the belief that when you invest in a woman, there is a ripple effect that benefits her family, her community, and her world.

Economic Security Initiative:
Through its focused Economic Security Initiative, the Foundation advances opportunities for women and girls to gain an education, job training, and financial capability, as well as secure safe and affordable housing. In 2017, the Foundation contributed more than $750,000 that directly benefited 11,000 women and girls and provided statewide research to inform elected officials and encourage their support of initiatives benefiting this community.
Child Care Access Fund:
Through its Child Care Access Fund, Dallas Women’s Foundation is making smart and sustainable investments to provide high-quality, affordable childcare options for low-income women and their children. In 2017, the Foundation contributed $550,000 that directly benefited 90 women-led families, while also advancing systemic changes in child care and afterschool care in Dallas and across Texas.
Health Care Access Fund:
Through its Health Care Access Fund, the Foundation is investing in broadening the safety net of health care for women and families in North Texas. In 2017, the Foundation contributed $972,000 in grants for health care and safety programs benefiting 16,600 women and their families.
Leadership Initiative:
Through its Leadership Initiative, the Foundation seeks to advance and increase the number of women in leadership positions in all sectors through grants, leadership workshops, and forums, targeted research, and advocacy. In 2017, the Foundation awarded $477,000 in grants and programs that impacted nearly 4,000 women and girls.
Dallas Women’s Foundation has researched, funded and demonstrated the ripple effect since 1985 in North Texas, granting more than $37.6 million since inception and over $4.5 million annually to help create opportunities and solve issues for women and girls.
The Foundation is asking the community to join in its work by making a gift to support North Texas women and girls.