Date: 04/30/2024 3:00pm | 04/30/2024 8:00pm

Location: Omni Dallas Hotel

Email: lfad@txwf.org


Texas Women’s Foundation celebrates and elevates the voices of women leaders across Texas through our Maura Women Helping Women and Young Leader Awards. Join us to celebrate these great women who are  improving the lives for women and girls in Texas!


2024 Leadership Forum & Awards Celebration

Join us to celebrate and elevate the impact of women leaders across Texas!

We’ve recently expanded this day of leadership to be an all-day event. The first half of the day will include 200 young girls from the Dallas/Fort Worth area during our #BestSelf segment. Originally a stand-alone program separate from Leadership Forum & Awards Celebration, this day will unite and energize girls and women leadership celebration.

Following #BestSelf, there will be Leadership Forums featuring the women recognized for their incredible work advancing women and girls across Texas. The Maura and Young Leader Award Recipients will be part of a moderated conversation led by community and corporate leaders who will take a deep dive into their leadership journeys and work supporting women and girls.

We will end the day with a celebration where attendees will gather in the ballroom to hear an insightful and inspiring panel discussion with all Award Recipients led by a well-known woman leader over dinner and drinks.


#BESTSELF: 11:30AM-3:00PM (for pre-registered group of girls ages 13-16)
Leadership Forums: 3:30PM – 5:45PM
Cocktail Reception: 5:45PM – 6:30PM
Leadership Awards Celebration: 6:30 – 8:00PM

2024 Leadership Forum & Awards Celebration Guest Moderator

Deborah Roberts

Senior National Affairs Correspondent, ABC
News; Contributing Anchor, ABC 20/20

Deborah Roberts is an award-winning journalist who serves as co-anchor for ABC’s 20/20 , as well as senior national affairs correspondent for Nightline, Good Morning America and World News Tonight with David Muir. A media veteran, Roberts has traveled the world for her reporting. She has served as a substitute anchor for Good Morning America, World News Weekend and 20/20, as well as a guest cohost on The View.

Roberts credits a teacher for helping to shape her life’s path and make her the person she is today. Everyone can name a teacher who sparked something in their life. Educators not only open our minds to new ideas, but they also help us recognize our potential and our passions. However, rarely do they get credit for the life-changing work they do, and often teachers have no idea how transformative they were, often influencing a student all the way into adulthood. Struck by the number of people she knew with a similar story and hoping to shine a light on the substantial impact that these educators have on students, she decided to collect these stories, along with her own, into her latest book.

In her latest book, a New York Times bestseller, Lessons Learned and Cherished, Roberts curates a collection of essays and musings written by herself, celebrity friends and colleagues alike — including Oprah Winfrey, Jenna Bush Hager, Al Roker, Robin Roberts, Brooke Shields, Octavia Spencer, Rachael Ray, Misty Copeland, and more — highlighting how teachers inspired them, imparted life lessons, and helped them get to where they are today.
In 2021, Roberts was awarded a Peabody Award for the 20/20 special Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor, which featured her extensive reporting on Taylor’s tragic death. Roberts, who was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame in May, has been awarded multiple Emmy® Awards for her national and international coverage of world events, including the AIDS crisis in Africa and maternal mortality in Bangladesh.

Roberts’ long- form reports on 20/20 have consistently produced extraordinary narratives, such as an intimate profile of former first lady Michelle Obama and former first daughter Ivanka Trump. She was also part of the historic coverage of the inauguration of former President Barack Obama.

Roberts is also the author of Been There, Done That: Family Wisdom For Modern Times, a book written with her husband, Al Roker. She currently resides in New York City with her husband and two children.

2024 Leadership Forum & Awards Celebration Co-chairs

Sakina Rasheed Foster

Veronica Torres Hazley

Heather Bellino (Austin, TX)
Texas Advocacy Project (TAP)

Heather Bellino is a visionary leader dedicated to transforming lives as the CEO of Texas Advocacy Project. With a commitment to serving victims of domestic and dating violence, child abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking, she leads a team that provides crucial legal services. At the heart of her leadership lies a passion for advancing the lives of women and girls. Through TAP’s initiatives, Heather raises awareness about critical issues, dismantle stigma, and foster open dialogues, driving positive systemic change.

Marsha Clark (Frisco, TX)
Marshal Clark and Associates

Marsha Clark has become a driving force in the realm of leadership development, change management, strategic planning, performance management, team development and executive coaching. A visionary leader, she has dedicated more than 20 years to crafting and delivering leadership development programs tailored for women. She is also an Amazon best-selling author of Embracing Your Power. Complementing her literary success, she hosts a weekly podcast titled Your Authentic Path to Powerful Leadership, accessible on MarshaClarkandAssociates.com.

Adeeba Raheem, Ph.D (El Paso, TX)
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

Dr. Adeeba Raheem, UTEP associate professor of Civil Engineering, uses her academic prowess to help students. She has a multi-million dollar research portfolio with funding from U.S. federal agencies and non-profit organizations, which is directed towards supporting women and economically disadvantaged students in civil and construction engineering. For a decade, she has also been leading a construction safety training program where a large number of women representing diverse socio-economic backgrounds have been trained on occupational safety topics.

Jamila Thomas (Cedar Hill, TX)
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Jamila Thomas serves as senior vice president for Big Brothers Big Sisters and is responsible for establishing the strategic plan for corporate and community engagement. She also serves as an executive board member for Pipelines to Possibilities, an organization founded by four African American women judges focused on educating students on the justice system. Jamila helped establish the first Racial Equity Office in Dallas ISD and founded Cultured Consulting Group, an organization committed to the implementation of culturally responsive leadership best practices.

2024 Young Leader Award Recipients

Cimajie Best (Dallas, TX)
Allyn Media

Cimajie Best, an associate with Allyn Media, is a trusted advisor to clients facing public affairs challenges, public relations opportunities, political elections, and landmark fundraising campaigns. As a skilled tactician in capacity building and stakeholder management, she is a strong racial equity advocate and program evaluator. Cimajie works with nonprofits, foundations, elected officials, and communities to create inclusive outcomes for all parties involved. She is a staunch advocate for collaborations, partnerships and a collective impact approach to producing change.

Hilda McClure (Dallas, TX)
Cannenta Center for Healing and Empowerment

Hilda McClure, COO at Cannenta Center for Healing and Empowerment and a founding board member at Cannenta Foundation, is a skilled bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in adult therapy and trauma-focused counseling. Driven by a dedication to youth well-being, she pioneered an evidence-based program for children and single mothers in residential care. Committed to community growth, she trains professionals in serving Hispanic families and navigating the acculturation process.

Past Award Recipients



Date: 04/30/2024 3:00pm | 04/30/2024 8:00pm

Location: Omni Dallas Hotel

Email: lfad@txwf.org

Adelfa Callejo* 1978
Vivian A. Castleberry* 1978
Betty Graham* 1978
Adlene Harrison 1978
The Honorable Sarah T. Hughes* 1978
The Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson* 1978
Maura McNiel 1978
Emmie Baine* 1979
Gerry Beer* 1979
Johnnie Marie Grimes* 1979
Lucy Patterson* 1979
Louise H. Raggio* 1979
Hermine D. Tobolowsky* 1979
Virginia B. Whitehill* 1979
Beverly A. Gandy 1980
Chester Maxwell 1980
Martina Navratilova 1980
Dr. Ellenore Ott 1980
Dianne Pingree 1980
Barbara B. Reagan* 1980
Judge Joan R. Winn Tarpley 1980
Barbara Woodard* 1980
Judge Theo L. Bedard* 1981
Dr. Carolyn Galerstein* 1981
Florence Lewis* 1981
Shirley Miller 1981
Gail B. Smith 1981
Charlotte W. Taft 1981
Suzanne Ahn, M.D.* 1982
Susan Caudill 1982
Margaret Estes* 1982
Madeline Mandell 1982
Rev. Dr. Mary Louise Rowand* 1982
Charlotte Stewart 1982
Myrtle Bulkley* 1983
Donna Clack 1983
Mary Esther Gaulden, M.D.* 1983
Sally Sharp Jacobson 1983
Marjorie W. Schuchat* 1983
Sonya Bemporad* 1984
Theresa Canales-Jud 1984
Harryette B. Ehrhardt 1984
Patricia Greenwald 1984
Carol Madison* 1984
Ella Bailey* 1985
Betty Jo Hay* 1985
Joy S. Mankoff 1985
Beverly Brooks Miller 1985
Tegwin Pulley 1985
Dan Weiser* 1985
Nancy Goodman Brinker 1986
Catalina E. Garcia, M.D. 1986
Irene T. Ramirez 1986
Eleanor Tufts, Ph.D.* 1986
Barbara L. Watkins 1986
Reverend Ruth T. Barnhouse, M. D.* 1987
Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. 1987
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison 1987
Barbara James 1987
Sandra C. Tinkham 1987
Monica Yates Fried* 1988
Gertrude Miller* 1988
Mary Evans Sias, Ph.D. 1988
Annette Strauss* 1988
Nellie Taffalla 1988
Gloria de la Cruz* 1989
Sharon S. King 1989
Mamie McKnight, Ph.D.* 1989
Caren H. Prothro 1989
Dolores Barzune 1990
Barbara S. Cambridge, Ph.D. 1990
Dorothy Masterson 1990
Lori Palmer 1990
Barbara L. Sinak 1990
Barbara Cottrell 1991
Brenda L. Jackson 1991
Patricia B. Meadows 1991
Regina T. Montoya 1991
Ruth P. Morgan, Ph.D. 1991
Julie Scott Reed* 1991
Susybelle L. Gosslee 1992
Suzanne F. Greenman 1992
Allen Mondell 1992
Cynthia Salzman Mondell 1992
Diane Pitts 1992
Frances Rizo 1992
DeMetris Sampson 1992
Laura V. Estrada 1993
Lyda H. Hill 1993
Camille Keith 1993
Mavis Knight 1993
Barbara E. Rosenberg 1993
Rita A. Cox 1994
Pearl Garza Fracchia 1994
The Honorable Helen Giddings 1994
Scherry F. Johnson, Ed. D. 1994
Barbara J. Middleton 1994
Gloria Campos Brown 1995
Elizabeth Cowles* 1995
Lois G. Finkelman 1995
Ella Goode Johnson 1995
Ruby Morris* 1995
Gale Duff-Bloom 1996
Sally M. Knox, M.D. 1996
Ann E. Margolin 1996
Kathleen To 1996
Kay W. Cole* 1997
Dr. Mona Hersh-Cochran 1997
Rosanne M. Ortega 1997
Cynthia Reavis 1997
Susan Stahl* 1997
Susan Abrahamson* 1998
Julie G. Lowenberg 1998
Sandra D. Malone 1998
Ann Minnis* 1998
Thalia C. Oliphant 1998
Phyllis Fishman Bernstein 1999
Cora Cardona 1999
Barbara F. Materka 1999
Vicki Price-Smith 1999
Bernice J. Washington 1999
Sylvia L. Benenson 2000
Brent Berryman 2000
Cathy Bonner 2000
Gail A. Griswold 2000
Dr. Sheron C. Patterson 2000
Becky R. Sykes 2000
Brenda F. Brand 2001
David Farmer 2001
Cecilia McKay 2001
Marion G. Sobol 2001
Linda Walker-Bender 2001
Elaine B. Agather 2002
Sharlene Block* 2002
Dianne Curry 2002
Victoria Downing 2002
Cynthia A. Gonzalez 2002
Lekha Singh 2002
Martha R. Tiller 2002
Lyn Berman 2003
The Honorable Kathryn W. Hall 2003
Elizabeth F. (Liza) Lee 2003
Suzane Marshall 2003
Anita N. Martinez 2003
Thalia F. Matherson, Ed. D. 2003
Julie Spicer England 2004
Nancy Ann Hunt 2004
Margaret H. Jordan 2004
Wendy A. Lopez 2004
Ellen Terry 2004
Linda Thomas* 2004
Michele Bobadilla 2005
Linda P. Custard 2005
Kathy LaTour 2005
Karen Shuford 2005
Ruth Thomas 2005
Norma L. Beasley* 2006
The Honorable Angie Chen Button, CPA, CFP 2006
Lisa Hembry 2006
Gene and Jerry Jones 2006
Jan E. Langbein 2006
Cindy D. Ankele 2007
Cecilia G. Boone 2007
Carol C. Donovan, PC 2007
Ebby A. Halliday* 2007
Cynthia B. Nunn 2007
Alice L. Rodriguez 2007
Vicky Teherani 2007
Naomi D. Aberly 2008
Lottye S. Brodsky, Ph.D. 2008
Hattie Hill 2008
Patricia A. Porter 2008
Shaunna F. Black 2009
Former First Lady Laura Bush 2009
Patricia Peiser 2009
Betty S. Regard 2009
Roslyn Dawson Thompson 2009
Nina Vaca 2009
Rebel B. Calhoun* 2010
Effie Dennison 2010
Paige H. Flink 2010
Anita Marcos 2010
Wanda R. Brice 2011
Phyllis Farragut 2011
Delia Jasso 2011
Cathy Wilkins Moffitt 2011
Jan Pruitt* 2011
Patricia A. Vaughan* 2011
Alinda H. Wikert 2011
Clare Buie Chaney, Ph.D. 2013
Melendy Lovett 2013
Beverly Tobian 2013
Debbie Dudley Branson 2014
Lauren Embrey 2014
Helen Holman 2014
Retta Miller 2014
Gauthami Vemula 2014
Kim Askew 2015
Julie Mamolen Bleicher 2015
Liz Cedillo-Pereira 2015
Valerie Freeman 2015
Major General Mary Saunders, USAF, Retired 2015
Diana C. Dutton 2016
Rabbi Nancy Kasten 2016
Vicki Meek 2016
Katie Pedigo 2016
Billie Bryant Schultz 2016
Hind El Saadi El Jarrah, Ph.D. 2017
Madeline McClure, LCSW 2017
The Honorable Judge Tonya Parker 2017
Lupe Valdez 2017
Arcilia C. Acosta 2018
Jocelyn D. Kidd, DDS 2018
Cynthia Mickens Ross 2018
Gail Turner 2018
Dee Dee Bates 2019
Sally Dunning 2019
Ana I. Hernandez 2019
Ashlee Kleinert 2019
Nicole Small 2019
Dana Blankenship 2020
Tracey Doi 2020
Kathleen LaValle 2020
Jennifer Stimpson 2020
Trisha Cunningham 2021
Jin-Ya Huang 2021
Rani Puranik 2021
Judy Treviño 2021
Cheryl Polote Williamson 2021
Patricia Rodriguez Christian 2022
Arlene Ford 2022
Pat Jasso 2022
Lynn McBee 2022
Thana Simmons 2022
Froswa Booker-Drew, PhD 2023
Madeline Burillo-Hopkins, EdD 2023
Aimee Boone Cunningham 2023
Mary Pat Higgins 2023
Jill Louis 2023



Date: 04/30/2024 3:00pm | 04/30/2024 8:00pm

Location: Omni Dallas Hotel

Email: lfad@txwf.org

Veronica Torres 2013
Myiesha Taylor, M.D. 2014
Brittany Merrill Underwood 2014
Marissa E. Horne 2015
Christa Sanford 2015
Lacy L. Durham, Esq. 2016
Brittany K. Byrd 2016
Cynthia Nwaubani, CPA 2017
Vanessa Bouché, Ph.D. 2018
Brooke López 2018
Dr. HaeSung Han 2019
Ana I. Rodriguez 2019
Karla Garcia 2020
Diana Mao 2021
Kim Roxie 2021
Stacy Johnson 2022
Sharareh Kermanshachi, PhD 2022
Bee Nance 2023
Ann Sheu 2023



Date: 04/30/2024 3:00pm | 04/30/2024 8:00pm

Location: Omni Dallas Hotel

Email: lfad@txwf.org

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