Join the Movement to Transform Texas for Women and Girls!

When you give to Texas Women’s Foundation, you are directly contributing to the economic stability and future of Texas.

We are a donor-supported organization that invests for the long-term to move women and girls from surviving to thriving, and give them control of their lives and their families’ futures.

Your generous support helps us propel greater social and economic change for women through research, education and advocacy on key issues. We use our knowledge and experience to mobilize strategic networks, resources and voices, implement innovative investment strategies and fund targeted grants that assist women and families – all to contribute to a more prosperous Texas for generations to come.

With your help, we can strengthen economic security and advance leadership opportunities for women and girls, so that strong women can build a better world.

How You Can Help

As a community foundation, we raise every dollar we invest in research, advocacy, programs and grantmaking. We rely on financial contributions from individuals, families, businesses, other foundations and private institutions who believe in supporting social change. We also depend on dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our mission.

There are many ways to get involved with Texas Women Foundation, from making a one-time donation to recurring monthly gifts, from participation in our signature events and programs, to volunteering as an advocate for women and girls.



Texas Women’s Foundation hosts and supports Giving Circles, which are groups that have come together through a shared experience, culture or interest. The Giving Circles raise money each year, and focus their support on organizations that serve or address their specific area of experience, culture or interest.  All Giving Circles at Texas Women’s Foundation are aligned with our core mission and values of advancing the economic security and leadership opportunities for women, girls and families.

Texas Women’s Foundation is honored to host and support three Giving Circles that are empowering their members to combine resources to award impactful grants to effective organizations. Since 2016, the Giving Circles have awarded more than $2M to community organizations in North Texas. 

H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation


The XIX Society honors our founders, 19 trailblazing women of various cultures and backgrounds, through an annual giving society made up of a dynamic group of individuals who invest their passion, gifts and leadership to help women and girls, and their families, and foster a better community. Your annual membership gift helps support Texas Women’s Foundation research, advocacy and grantmaking to ignite positive change in economic security and leadership opportunities for women and their families.

Member Benefits

  • Participation in the selection of the XIX Society Grant Recipients.
  • Networking with other like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing women and girls to foster better communities.
  • Opportunities to explore and discuss issues impacting women, girls and their families.
  • Opportunities to visit nonprofits making a difference and learn more about the community impact of our collective investment in women, girls and families.
  • Invitations to Women’s Philanthropy education workshops and retreats, and other events.

Already a member? Consider making an additional gift, or honoring a friend or loved one with a membership in their name

Membership Registration

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We Make Giving Easy

Some donors prefer to use Texas Women’s Foundation as their “charitable checkbook.” Creating a Donor Advised Fund allows you to earn immediate tax benefits, and then use the Fund to support causes you care about most.

Drawing on our 35-year history of working to improve the lives of women, girls and families through economic security and leadership opportunities, we help donors define and realize their own unique philanthropic visions. We also suggest funding recommendations tailored to each donor’s personal interests.

We offer donors our expertise in managing over 50 other funds and more that $35 million in assets. In addition, we provide a trusted knowledge resource through our statewide research and advocacy work, as well as our streamlined model for investment in cost-effective, efficient and impactful grantmaking.

Benefits of Opening Your Fund with Texas Women’s Foundation

  • Simple, cost-effective and flexible: You give to causes you care about. We manage your investment and records easing your administrative burdens and costs.
  • Fewer taxes: You get immediate tax benefits, even if you wait to make grants from the fund.
  • Online access and convenience: You can manage all your giving in one place, making it easier to support the causes close to your heart.
  • Personalized service: Our team of knowledgeable and experienced grantmakers can also help you define your philanthropic goals, connect you with impactful nonprofits that align with your charitable interests, and perform due diligence for you.
  • Invested in Women and Girls:  Investment and growth of assets in a diversified and 100% gendered portfolio that delivers financial returns and social impact that positively affects the lives of women and girls
  • Option of anonymity: You have the option to grant anonymously to protect your privacy.


Opening Your Fund is Easy - How It Works


Please contact Michele Boillotat, Vice President-Development, at or 214.525.5318

TO OPEN A DONOR ADVISED FUND: Michele Boillotat or 214.525.5318


FOR HELP MAKING YOUR GRANT: Mary Valadez or Kim Hoang



Join Our Army of Advocates

Texas Women’s Foundation advocates for policies and practices in local communities and at the state level where innovation and investment can help empower women, lead to positive economic and social change, and achieve equity for Texas women and girls, and their families.

As advocates, we:

  • Produce and share research on key issues impacting women, girls and their families;
  • Highlight programs and innovative solutions that can be scaled across the state;
  • Provide lawmakers and decision-makers with timely, targeted information in order to shape policies relating to women and girls; and
  • Bring together partners from local communities across the state and beyond to engage and mobilize around priority issues, initiatives and programs.

Driving meaningful change in public policy is a powerful way to make real progress in advancing our vision of an equitable society for women and girls – and a better Texas for all.




Economic Security & Education

Gender in Media

  • Women’s Media Center makes women visible and powerful in the media.
  • The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and its programming arm, See Jane, are at the forefront of changing female portrayals and gender stereotypes in children’s media and entertainment.
  • SPARK is a girl-fueled activist movement to demand an end to the sexualization of women and girls in media.


Philanthropy Resources


  • National Council for Research on Women harnesses the resources of a network of more than 100 leading U.S. research, advocacy, and policy centers to ensure more fully informed debate, policies, and practices.
  • Institute for Women’s Policy Research conducts research on issues of poverty and welfare, employment and earnings, work and family issues, health and safety, and women’s civic and political participation.
  • International Center for Research on Women helps improve the lives of women in poverty through research, capacity building, and advocacy on issues affecting women’s economic, health and social status in low- and middle-income countries.
  • National Women’s Studies Association supports and promotes feminist education and research, and is chiefly concerned with working to end racism and all forms of oppression.
  • Women’s Media Center strives to make women visible and powerful in the media by training women and girls to be media ready and media savvy, curating original content from extraordinary women writers and monitoring and calling out media sexism.
  • Criterion Institute addresses the key issues of our time – poverty, environmental threats, inequality, conflict and disease – by not only working within existing markets to create change but intentionally changing markets.
  • EY Report on Gender Parity: Women. Fast Forward –  The World Economic Forum in its Global Gender Gap Report 2014 estimates it will take until 2095 to achieve global gender parity in the workplace. Eighty more years until companies and governments are equally led by men and women. And 80 more years of talent pipelines and professional promise not fully realized. EY says this should not be.

Women and Philanthropy

  • Women’s Funding Network is an international organization committed to improving the status of women and girls locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Women’s Perspective provides education for women seeking to understand their spiritual and economic power to align their financial lives with their core values.
  • Women’s Philanthropy Institute furthers the understanding of women’s philanthropy through research, education, and knowledge dissemination.


When you give to Texas Women’s Foundation, you are directly contributing to the economic stability and future of Texas.