Economic security – defined as having the resources, including human, social and financial capital, to protect from crisis and provide a foundation for strong futures – is a critical part of every person’s and every family’s well being, and impacts the economic health of every community.
Yet here in Texas, women are at high risk for economic insecurity. In our state, 53% of households living in poverty are female-headed, and many of those households include children.
Dallas Women’s Foundation has set a goal to strengthen the economic security of 16,000 female-headed households in North Texas through our multi-year Economic Security Initiative that includes research, advocacy and grantmaking. And we pledged to raise public awareness about the importance and impact of women’s economic security on the region and the state.  You can learn more about our Initiative in this infographic. As our study Economic Issues for Women in Texas underscores, there is a real and compelling need to strengthen women’s economic security:  Texas’ economic future depends on it.
That’s why we are asking you to be a part of the solution, because we all benefit from a powerful ripple effect when Texas women and their families move from surviving to thriving.
You can help spread the word:  over the next few days, participate in our financial literacy quiz, post your answers and share the post with your friends. At the end of each day, we’ll reveal the correct answer and select a commenter for a special gift.
Or you can go beyond building awareness and help advance the real solutions we are targeting in our Economic Security Initiative. Join as a member of our XIX Society, a network of women and men whose annual gifts, given one-time or monthly, support this work and help create long-term systemic change.
Be a part of the ripple effect and help us #SecureTXWomen
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Roslyn Dawson Thompson
President & CEO