Image from the IGNITE-Texas website.

IGNITE is a California-based non-profit, non-partisan organization that inspires and trains young women to become political leaders, working primarily through K-12 and college curriculum programs, scholarships, conferences, and alumni network events. As of 2020, there are about 40 IGNITE programs and networks in regions across Texas.

During the organization’s first year of operations in 2010, IGNITE trained 50 young women. Eight years later, that number swelled to 5,000. Today (2020), IGNITE has launched an annual $5 million effort to reach 50,000 young women identified as ”tomorrow’s city council members, senators, judges, and presidents.”

According to the group’s background materials, IGNITE-trained women outpace their generational peers in voting, election volunteer service, candidacy for student government offices, advocacy, and civic participation, and are highly likely to encourage their associates to vote. They also tend to express strong confidence in their ability to successfully pursue political office in the future, as well as knowledge of how to go about the pursuit of office.

From the IGNITE website: “Across the country and across party lines, from every state and from any background, girls and women are speaking out, stepping up, and making the decision to lead. These young women are also reaching out to IGNITE—and we are sprinting to keep up with demand for our programs.”

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