Via: KERA 
by: Krystina Martinez
new report has found that it could take until 2049 for women in Texas to reach pay equity with men.
The report, released Thursday by the Dallas Women’s Foundation and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, also found salary differences and wider gender pay gaps within some North Texas counties.

Denton County women made about $46,000 annually and earned 76 percent of men’s earnings.
And in Collin County, women earned more than $50,000, but that’s just 70 percent of men’s earnings countywide.
Women of color across all three counties fared much worse. They earned less than the median salaries for women and faced wider pay gaps with men.
The study doesn’t pinpoint the reason for the salary differences and gender pay gaps in these counties.
But according to the report, if pay equity is reached in Texas, that could reduce the poverty rate among women by 51 percent.
Download the full report.
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