We hope you will join us, and our long-time grantee, TexProtects, in securing thank you notes to several Texas House members who were instrumental in keeping needs of women and children first in the budgeting process. The budget is known as House Bill 1, because it is the only truly required action the Legislature must pass each session.

In the House version of the budget that passed last Wednesday, Rep. Angie Chen Button, along with Representatives Morgan Meyer and Dade Phelan, were successful in adding another $2 million for evidence based home visiting programs! This is in addition to the $67 million already in the budget for Nurse-Family Partnership and Texas Home Visiting programs, for a total of $69 million for 2020-2021. The House version of the budget includes $7.2 million more for home visiting programs than in the 2018-2019 budget. Home visiting is a nationally recognized program that improves economic and health outcomes for new moms and babies.

Now we need to thank them – just like the rest of us, lawmakers appreciate receiving a note of thanks for a job well done. Please take a few minutes and send Representatives Button, Meyer and Phelan an email or make a phone call and say thank you for supporting evidence-based programs that truly changes lives for women and children!

Next step is keeping these items in the budget as it makes its way through the Senate!