Via: My Sweet Charity

By: Jeanne Prejean

In exactly two months Texas Women’s Foundation will hold its 35th Annual Luncheon virtually co-chaired by Bonnie Clinton and Cynt Marshall and presented by Toyota and powered by The Dallas Mavericks. That means anyone anywhere can attend without having to budge from their keyboard. TWF CEO/President Ros Dawson Thompson just announced the Target-sponsored guest speaker for the event on Tuesday, September 29, will be America Ferrera.

According to Ros, “We are thrilled to assemble this ‘dream team’ – our keynote speaker, America Ferrera, who is passionate about strength in diversity and the importance of creating opportunities for everyone to participate fully in our society and economy, and our co-chairs, who share the same passion and make it a reality through their exemplary leadership.”


While America may have popped up on the radar screen thanks to her award-winning role in”Uglly Betty” from 2006-2010, she has expanded her reach by directing, producing and becoming a “The New York Times” best-selling author (“American Like Me”) and an activist.

Tickets are just $35 which means a lot more people can attend than if it were a sit-down luncheon in a ballroom.

BTW, America’s full bio follows the jump.