Via: My Sweet Charity
This guest column, authored by Dallas Women’s Foundation CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson originally, appeared in My Sweet Charity in January 2018
“2018 is being called ‘The Year of the Woman,’ and my goal is that it’s the first of many ‘Years of the Woman’!
“It is time to double down on the work to advance equality, equity and opportunity for all women and girls. At Dallas Women’s Foundation, we are especially focused on strengthening women’s economic security and increasing women’s leadership across North Texas and around the state. The needs of women and girls are real and acute in our community, where only 30% of all households are headed by a woman, but 53% of all poor households are women-headed – and the majority of these are women of color with children.
“There’s so much work to be done – and so much benefit when we do this work, because the economic future of our region and our state truly depend on how we address issues of gender and racial inequity, and how we create opportunities for all.
“My wish for 2018 is that everyone, who understands the power of the ripple effect that investing in a girl or woman has on her life, her family’s life, our community and our world, will join with us in this work.”