Via: My Sweet Charity

By: Jeanne Prejean

According to Texas Women’s Foundation Board Chair Carrie Freeman Parsons,

“At a time when gender-focused granting wasn’t widely embraced, Texas Women’s Foundation was a pioneer in the now proven fact that investing in women creates a ripple effect impacting generations to come. Empowered women not only rise themselves but also elevate the entire community, magnifying the influence of every dollar invested.


“Texas is home to over 14.6 million women and girls, surpassing the entire population of 46 states. With the generous support of donors, this year Texas Women’s Foundation has funded 197 organizations, disbursing $4.9 million in grants. Additionally, $2.2 million has been invested in programs and strategic initiatives supporting women in leadership, healthcare, housing, childcare and our statewide research that help us advocate for issues affecting women, girls and families.

“Your donation plays a crucial role in sustaining this impactful work, contributing to the development of a stronger Texas where women and girls are active participants. As the holiday season approaches, consider making a gift to support our mission. Your contribution will further our commitment to building a Texas where women and girls not only survive but thrive. Be there for Texas women now—your support makes a lasting difference. Visit to learn more.”