Via: WBAP News Radio
DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – A new report finds women in North Texas have made progress but still face obstacles on reaching their full potential.
The information was released in a study from the Dallas Women’s Foundation and Institute for Women’s Policy Research that looks at the economic status of women in Dallas, Denton and Collin Counties.
“If the trends continue the way they are, Texas women won’t achieve equal pay until 2049,” Dallas Women’s Foundation President and CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson said. “That’s a very long time from now.”
The new report, released on International Women’s Day, showed the gender wage gap is smallest in Dallas County compared to other North Texas counties.
Thompson calls the wage gap an apples to apples study.
“If we can all operate from the same statistical premise, we can have the same understanding,” Thompson said.

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