Nearly half of Texas counties lack obstetric services and recent legal changes will only decrease safe and affordable reproductive health care for women. Having the freedom and ability to access affordable contraception, preventative services, and prenatal care impacts mental health and has economic security ramifications. Currently, Texas ranks last in the country for women’s health insurance coverage

As part of our Health Care Access Fund, Texas Women’s Foundation launched the Reproductive Freedom Initiative in 2022 to deliver urgent and long-term women’s healthcare programming where it is needed most – in rural and underserved Texas communities.

Through this Initiative, the Foundation will continue to award grants to carefully vetted community health care clinics across the state to provide funding in these priority areas:

  • Pregnancy related services including legal and mental health services
  • Training for staff to optimize health care access
  • Service enhancing technology to providers in health care deserts
  • Staffing costs to expand services or meet increased need
  • Full access to all types of birth control, including long-acting, reversible contraceptives


Texas Women Need Access to Contraceptives:

  • Of women that are of reproductive age, less than half receive contraceptives or family planning services.
  • The most effective types of contraception can cost $1,300.
  • Women aged 18 to 21 who have access to birth control earn 5% more per hour and 11% more per year by the time they’re 40.
    Source: Economic Issues for Women in Texas 2022

Your gift to the Texas Women’s Foundation’s helps provide Texas women with access to safe and affordable reproductive healthcare options. This is a critical and timely need for women in our state.

For this initiative, contributions to this initiative will support Texas Women’s Foundation and its grantees. If you have questions about the Reproductive Freedom Initiative or about this designation of funds, please contact Jeanne Heinen at

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