Image from the League of Women Voters Education Fund website


Sponsored by the League of Women Voters Education Fund, VOTE411 is “committed to ensuring voters have the information they need to successfully participate in every election. Whether it’s local, state or federal, every election is important to ensuring our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of our communities.”

The VOTE411 website includes a non-partisan voting guide, information about candidate debates, vote-by-mail and first-time voter information, voter registration resources, and a tool that allows voters to enter their location details and receive a customized guide to their upcoming ballot. Find out more.

Vote Texas

The Texas Secretary of State administers a website that helps voters locate polling location, find out if they’re registered, discover election dates and voting deadlines, apply to vote by mail, and more. Vote Texas also provides election results and voter turnout statistics. Find out more.

Election Volunteer Training

Elections aren’t possible without citizen volunteers. If you’d like to become a poll worker, you can contact your county election office to sign up, then prepare yourself by completing online poll worker training offered by the State of Texas. Find out more.


Register2Vote is a digital tool that allows voters to find out if they’re registered, update their registration information, and complete a voter registration application. Find out more.

Vote by Mail

Texas offers a vote-by-mail option for voters who are 65 and older, sick or disabled, or who will be absent from the county on Election Day. (While coronavirus pandemic conditions prevail, Texas voters who qualify as high risk can also apply to vote by mail.) Note that strict deadlines apply. Find out more.

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