We have just over 40 days left in the 140-day 86th Texas Legislative session. You are hearing a lot about property tax and school finance, but there is also movement on issues that are directly focused on women and girls. This week, we are asking that you reach out to members of the Senate Health and Human Services and House Public Health committees to give your support for two companion bills that will increase low-income women’s access to health coverage, SB 2132 and HB 1641.

These two bills apply to women who are automatically enrolled in Healthy Texas Women program following a pregnancy that was covered by Medicaid. The enrollment would take place 60 days after the pregnancy ended. The Healthy Texas Women program will be required to provide these women with specific information about services provided under the Program and a list of participating health care providers who are in her same geographic area. This coverage will provide women with ongoing access to preventive health care such as cancer screenings and contraception, and ensure she knows how to access the benefits.

You can use this link to find out who your elected officials are and to find out specifics about these two bills and the members of the Senate Health and Human Services and House Public Health committees.

It is easy and fast! If you are a constituent of a committee member, that is great. But, if not, certainly contact the chair and vice-chair. Let our elected officials know that you know that health care is an important shield for families that paves the way for fiscally and physically stronger women and babies.

Thank you for being a part of the Texas Women’s Foundation Army of Advocates! Please share this with your friends and encourage them to raise their voices, and their votes, for women and families in Texas.

How to reach your elected official