Via: The Advocate

Preston Hollow residents and “fierce females” Shonn Brown and Roslyn Dawson Thompson are working with co-founders to make an impact with the launch of the Texas Women’s Foundation’s H100 Latina Giving Circle, one of four giving circles hosted by the Texas Women’s Foundation and the first Hispanic giving circle to launch in Texas. One co-founder is Patricia Rodriguez Christian, H100 Latina Giving Circle Chair.

On average, Latinas in the U.S. are paid 47 percent less than white men. But this wage gap is also present between Hispanic women and their white counterparts, with Latinas earning 31 percent less than white women. The need for well-funded organizations that support Latinas in Dallas is clear, and this is exactly why the launch of this giving circle is so important. The H100 Latina Giving Circle’s goal is to expand resources for organizations whose mission is to empower, educate and support Latinas in the community.

The giving circle is part of the Hispanic 100 network, an organization of trailblazing leaders whose lives have shaped, influenced and transformed how Latinas are viewed in their community, be it business, education, arts, health, politics or community leadership.

The H100 Latina Giving Circle hopes to find donors who have a desire to change the lives of Latina women and girls.

Giving circles serve as an important way to raise and distribute funds to organizations that contribute to the community in a meaningful way. The popularity of these circles has grown, and since 2016, the Giving Circles at Texas Women’s Foundation have awarded more than $500,000 to community organizations in North Texas.

To learn more about the H100 Latina Giving Circle, click here, or email