Read by Texas State Senator Nathan Johnson at the Texas State Capitol on International Women’s Day March 8, 2023


WHEREAS, Texas Women’s Foundation has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to supporting women and girls across the Lone Star State; and

WHEREAS, This outstanding organization can trace its history to 1985, when a group of 19 women established Dallas Women’s Foundation to help ensure that resources were being aimed at addressing the unique needs of women and their families; over the years, the organization has expanded to serve women throughout the entire state, and it officially became Texas Women’s Foundation in 2018; to carry out its mission, TXWF leverages funds from a number of donors, including individuals, foundations, and corporations, and its efforts focus on advancing economic and leadership opportunities for women and girls; and

WHEREAS, TXWF has been a leader in the gender lens investing movement, deploying 100 percent of its assets in a gendered impact portfolio that yields financial returns and social benefits to women and girls; the organization also advocates for positive change at the local and state levels, and it produces research on economic issues that impact women in Texas, such as child care, housing, education, and health care; and

WHEREAS, Since 2013, TXWF has helped some 90,000 women and families through its leadership and economic security initiatives, including the Young Women’s Initiative, the Women’s Leadership Institute, and #BestSelf; the organization also encompasses groups known as Giving Circles, which contribute funds to nonprofit organizations that benefit the Asian American and Pacific Islander, African American, and Hispanic communities; in addition, TXWF has awarded more than $46 million in grants over the past 38 years; and

WHEREAS, For more than three and a half decades, Texas Women’s Foundation has empowered women to build an even brighter future for themselves and their communities, and the organization is truly deserving of special recognition for its many contributions; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Senate of the 88th Texas Legislature hereby commend Texas Women’s Foundation for its work in support of women, girls, and their families and extend to all those associated with the organization sincere best wishes for the future; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be prepared for Texas Women’s Foundation as an expression of high regard by the Texas Senate.