The 2020 Census is essential for our democracy.  It will determine how many representatives Texas will have in Congress; and it is used by the federal government to allocate funds to the state for a range of essential federal programs valued at more than $59 billion a year.  The Census is also used by businesses to make smart decisions about growth and spending.

Texas faces significant obstacles in this year’s Census due to high concentrations of hard-to-count individuals in our urban cities, inconsistent support structures in our border and rural areas, a high number of young children, and large immigrant populations that will require greater direct support and targeted outreach. Further, new approaches to completing the Census, heightened sensitivity around immigration status, and concerns around data privacy make a complete count even more difficult to achieve.

So why is it important to make sure that everyone is counted?  The estimated cost of even a 1% undercount in Texas is projected to be nearly $300 million per year in federal revenue.  Current predictions indicate a likelihood of a 4-8% undercount. Programs affected include Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Food Assistance.

Ensuring a complete 2020 Census count is critical to the future of our state and our country.  So what can you, our Army of Advocates, do?  Educate yourself and others about the census, share information on your social media channels about the census and why it’s important and most importantly, take the pledge to complete the Census.

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Please share this information with others and encourage them to take the pledge and respond to the 2020 Census!  Thank you for being part of the Texas Women’s Foundation Army of Advocates!