Via: Texas Metro News

With nearly 1,000 people in attendance, Texas Women’s Foundation (TXWF) held its 38th annual luncheon on Sept. 26 to celebrate its past and raise funds for the future.

The award-winning Highland Park Lads and Lassies, under direction of actress and director Tiffany Solano, opened the luncheon with a performance of “Brave.”

Co-chairs Ashleigh Everett and Yolanda Garcia shared why they are involved. Everett said, “My personal why is embodied in my mother, who has instilled in me love of community, hard work and importance of creating a legacy. Also my two amazing daughters are growing up in a world where they see women who have accomplished so much, yet still struggle to obtain decent health care, financial security and leadership opportunities.”

Yolanda Garcia, Ashleigh Everett
Yolanda Garcia, Ashleigh Everett, Lisa Boggs, Ashleigh Everett’s mom; Ashleigh’s daughters (in front of Lisa) Alex and Sydney Everett, Sofia Garcia (taller one) and Isabella Garcia (Yolanda’s daughters)
Deborah Ferguson, Ashleigh Everett
Deborah Ferguson, Ashleigh Everett (co-chair), Storm Reid (speaker), Yolanda Garcia (co-chair)

Garcia added, “I want to make sure that the opportunities that I was provided in this country, ones not available for my mother and grandmother, are provided for the next generation of leaders. Ashleigh and I had to cross a very tight rope to achieve success, and we want to widen that rope to make the path just a little bit easier for Texas girls and women.”

Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks and presenting sponsor, encouraged attendees with the luncheon theme, “Texas Women Now.” She shared this playbook for success: “Choose teammates who are passionate about TXWF. Determine what you’ll do. Get familiar with the playbook. Step on the court and advance the great work of TXWF. Finally, stay alert and ready to make a difference.”