With the 87th Texas Legislative Session nearing its end on May 31, we expect many lawmakers will be making their final push to get their bills passed.  While we continue to hope for the best in Transforming Texas for women and girls, there are also several local run-off elections coming up that are of great importance.

As voters, it is crucial to understand the importance of local elections – from judges, district attorneys, sheriffs, mayors and school boards – local elections deserve just as much attention and consideration as the presidential race and other federally elected positions. It is our city council members who make decisions about where money goes and our school boards who allocate for more funding in our schools.

On average, local elections tend to have a lower turnout when in fact, some of them may be even more important to our everyday life.  On June 5, there are several run-off elections happening across Texas.  If there is one in your community, take the time to learn about what is on the ballot, who is running, and what their platform includes.  Then, share this information with those around you and encourage them to vote locally!

To find out if there is an upcoming run-off election in your community, visit your county’s governmental webpage or usa.gov to find your state or local election office website.  You can vote in the runoff election even if you did not vote in the May 1 election.

As always, thank you for being a part of Texas Women’s Foundation’s Army of Advocates and for joining us in the movement to achieve equity for Texas women, girls and their families.

We’ll see you next month for a wrap-up of the 87th Texas Legislative Session and remember – Vote Locally!

Thank you for being part of our Army of Advocates!